Herbal Virility Male Enhancement Pills Review

Review Date : November 13th, 2004

“See amazing, long-term penile gains in just a few weeks!”

Manufactured By:

Doctor’s Medical Group
Herbal Groups, Inc.
21822 Lassen Street. Suite A
Chatsworth, California, USA

Herbal Virility


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  • One Bottle
  • $59.95
  • Two Bottles
  • $109.90
  • Three Bottles
  • $168.95
  • Four Bottles
  • $179.80
  • Five Bottles
  • $239.75
  • Cost Per Day
  • ~$1.60

Roger’s General Remarks

I am really surprised that these guys do not offer any ingredients listing on their site, to me that is the main concern of most people - “What am I actually taking?”. That really put me off from the start, I suppose. Other than that, these pills started out well - a well done sales site and the delivery was quick and efficient. The price itself is in line with other pills - slightly cheaper than some. Doctor’s Medical group also offers a free “Adult Resource Site” for you to access while you are taking the supplement. There did not appear to be much involved in putting together the resource site, the information was more promotional material than informative and tries to sell you further products.

Finally, based on the results given by the reviewer, I would not reccomend this if you’re looking for permanent male enhancement.

Product Arrival and Properties

The pill bottle was attractive - a bright red label with a muscular male on it, with an official looking silver seal. The pills themselves also seemed to be well made - no broken pills or discolored product. The product was well packed and arrived in an international DHL box.

Photos of Product

Sorry, the reviewer did not provide any photographs of this product.


Doctor’s Medical Group offers a money back guarantee on all purchases. There is no time frame or limit to the money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied, the guarantee is absolute and no questions asked.

Main Ingredients (What are these? )

No Ingredients are given by the manufacturer. I would definitely consider this a “Red Flag” - By our rules a pill manufacturer should be open and up front about their ingredients. We have emailed them with our concern but received no response to date.

Results (From Tester)

After several weeks, only slight results were noticed - possible increase in erection hardness and no length/girth change. I couldn’t really tell to be sure.

After the pills ran out, there were very few gains. There was a small increase in girth, and erections were slightly more solid, however other than that nothing else was noticed.

I was dissapointed with this product and saw no results.

Score / Overall (Roger)

The score given was a 0.5/5 stars overall. There were several issues with the pills - no listing of ingredients, results, and overall satisfaction. I feel they need to address these issues before offering further products/and or sales.

This supplement is not reccomended for use as a penis growth product, and a sexual enhancement supplement. It does not meets the penis pill standards level we have set at PillsReview.com. I regret to say the reviewer was not happy with this product.

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  1. Craig writes:

    After using it for some time, I didn’t feel like there\s a dramatic change. Although it’s cheaper than other brands, it doesn’t perform so well in terms of quality and performance.

  2. Jay Boy writes:

    I wish I had seen this two months agoI took the pills three times a day as prescribed but see no obvious results. I don’t have much problem in erectiOn. All i wanted is to increase the length, perhaps the girth. No dice.

  3. JJ writes:

    If the male enhancement pill has a money-back guarantee, I just wonder why people would continue taking these pills if it shows no results? I’m just curious because I hear people complain all the time. When I checked out the site of the Herbal Virility, I must admit, it’s purely promotional. Probably, that’s why people fell for it.

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